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We create valuable people time
with smart tech  


The way we live and work is changing. Be smart.


XLLR8HR makes the difference.



Expect us to

critically listen to your needs,

ask targeted questions  

and deliver clear answers. 


Turn up the signal,
wipe out the noise

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Our Vision & Expertise


We challenge the way you think about your needs.

HR Tech Solutions should deliver Results and create more People time.

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HR Tech Start-Ups have specific needs on their road to a sustainable and successful business.

There's the sales challenge, a competitive playing field that is ever more international, and  a need to deliver tailored people centric solutions.

XLLR8HR is your partner in this journey.

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HR Service Providers

The HR Service Industry is in the middle a global transformation. The challenges are tremendous and decisions need to be taken without clear answers.


Objective and knowledgeable insights on Technology, People Capabilities and Strategic options are critical. 


We guide you in your challenge to meet future goals.


Work Tech is an highly dynamic and competitive industry with its own dynamics


We assist you to acquire insight and support you to make informed decisions.

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Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Working on a virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription: HR


Talent Shortage and Re-Skilling, 

Employee Experience, Retention & Talent Development, these are on top of the agenda of many companies.

How can HR Tech contribute to these HR Challenges?

We guide your business in making the right decisions.

Our Commitment


A sharp analysis and clear proposals.

Workable solutions, aligned to your strategic goals.

We simply deliver results!

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