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Investors, Assist to understand HR Tech


Work Tech is an industry with its own peculiarities and dynamics.

We know it well and are familiar with the ins and outs of the HR Tech start ups and their clients.


We assist Investors to understand HR Tech and help them make informed decisions.


Our solutions for Investors.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Why isn't our team  delivering?

How do we get this team to the next level?

How do we build a success Team?

How to build a Successful 
Start-up Team

We got a great product mix, but the Sales isn’t meeting expectations.

We are we missing out on great deals?

The illusive Competitive Advantage

Is your Start-Up ready for the next step?

What is the organisational SWOT?

Do they have the right mindset?


Competitive Start-up

Work Tech is a complex business, on the crossroads of HR & IT. We understand the Work Tech buying process .

Count us to identify the strategic & operational strengths of your venture. 


We compare their value proposition to the competitive field.

Start-up Due diligence Program

Mapping the actual strength and weakeness from the key angles, Strategy, Technology, Sales Capability & Team Capabilities including a Competitive Benchmark.

This includes interviews & assessments of the Start-Up execs and key staff

Top Start-Up Team 

A start up team needs to be on the top of their game. The right Leader, the Sales Driver that gets those numbers, a great Ops that get things done and a Tech Manager who can make things move. 

It sounds easy, but it isn't

Do they have what it takes to scale and be successful?

We get you the answers your need.


You have a specific need,  your Exec team isn't delivering or you require a short term critical intervention.


Get in touch with us, we initiate discretely the required action. 

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