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Open Workspace. Start-up/Scale-up


HR Tech Start-ups have specific needs on their road to a sustainable and successful business.

We are your hands-on partner on that journey.


Do you Recognise these Challenges?

How to Build a successful team with matching skills and values.

Composing a resultdriven 

Leadership Team

How to build
and retain a 
Successful Team

Setting up a user centric product roadmap.

How to get an understanding of the market needs & expectations.

Designing a competitive

How to sign your first investor.

Determine where you want to go & how to get there.

Start thinking about your exit plan.

Growing Your
Company to the next stage

How to understand your Clients.


How do HR Managers

think & decide.

Building and optimising

your Sales funnel.

How to get your Sales Pitch perfect.

Getting your

This is how we address this and scale your business

The Priorities Package

Let's get your Priorities right!


During a hands on briefing we set out the priorities.

Two workshops deliver clear targets and action points.

A practical roadmap is the key to success.   

Frequent touch points make sure you achieve your goals .

Your Sparring Partner

Sometimes you need a practical partner.

Make the most of our expertise.


We are on stand-by. Ready whenever you need us.

Whatever the challenge, a high level Sales Pitch, a strategic product launch or a crisis.

We work out a plan that fits both your budget and needs.

Ben Greeven


Looking for a cooperation format that responds to your needs?

A Sales Team Lead, a product reshuffle or New Market positioning?


Talk to us, Working with our team of experts Advisors,

we design the solution you are looking for.

You can build on that!

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