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Ben Greeven

Ben Greeven

Entrepreneur/Advisor passionate
about People, Behavior & Technology 


The way Work will never stop to evolve.


Today Talent Shortage, re-Skilling and Retention are high on the agenda. They are but the symptoms of deeper lying issues.

Re-evaluated personal and professional priorities triggered by the Covid stand-still, have opened the door for new expectations.

The rapid adaptation of AI into our daily routines is daily impacting the way we live, work and interact.  And we are only at the first step of this (r)evolution.


The Road Taken

My career is a combination of Advisor and Entrepreneur periods.  

The first years as an employee were the best education ever. It shaped me for the future to come. I co-founded my 2nd business before 30, acquired all the shares and sold it to a multinational in just 3 years. Leaving me to to re-design my goals.


Being an International Business Manager at Mercuri Urval, broadened my view of international business and executive recruitment shaped me to become a Trusted Advisor.

Over the past decade I’ve founded, developed and experimented with Assessment & Talent Solutions with both Thalento & Facelytix, going from bootstrapped start-ups to servicing International clients.

As co-Founder of HR Tech Valley I embraced the opportunity to meet numerous start-up entrepreneurs and build an HR Tech Eco-system. 

In 2021 during the aftermath I redirected my career.

The Future

Today I am leveraging my experience & expertise in XLLR8HR.

We are Hybrid, Entrepreneurial Trusted Advisors to Business Owners, the HR Industry, Investors and HR Professionals.

We turn up the Signal

and wipe out the Noise.


Meaning of the Signal vs Noise 

the Signal-to-Noise ratio is defined as the ratio of the power of a signal or the  "meaningful input" compared to the power of background noise or the  "meaningless or unwanted input"

Soundwave intelligent technologies

Employee Experience

Employee experience (EX) is the business function focused on tracing how employees think and feel during every single touch point of their journey through the company.

Ideally workplaces have more to offer, like learning, development and career opportunities. ...


A great employee experience should include the opportunity to grow.

User Centric Design

User-centered design (UCD) is an iterative design process in which designers focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.


In UCD, design teams involve users throughout the design process through a variety of research and design techniques, to create highly usable and accessible products for them.

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